The Dataspeed team has an extensive experience with the following disciplines:

Hardware Engineering

  • Electronic hardware design including requirements analysis,  schematic design, bill-of-materials generation and simulation.
  • Printed Circuit board design including design of layer count, layout of PCB layers, generation of gerber data and 3D model generation of finished PCB.
  • Material cost analysis including tradeoffs in component selection based on spot and distributor pricing, lead-times, low and high-volume price breaks.
  • Custom firmware VHDL development including design and simulation.  Development of custom IP as well as inclusion of factory IP, including embedded processors.

Software Engineering

  • Embedded software application design, development and testing implemented in ‘C’ and assembly language.  Variety of compilers and debuggers available for different CPUs.
  • Generation of low-level drivers for different communication protocols including UART, CAN, LIN, USB,  SPI, I2C and ETHERNET based devices.
  • Design of PC-based applications to interface to the controllers.  National Instruments and Matlab based GUI development along with custom serial, USB and CAN communication drivers.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design and development of enclosures, brackets, manifolds, fittings to hold electronics.
  • 2D and 3D design, modeling and simulation capabilities.
  • Fabrication of custom sheet-metal, weldments, injection molded and machined components.
  • Strategic suppliers established to support build work of mechanical components, for prototype and production.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

  • Manufacturing of prototypes in-house for product design debug and validation.
  • Manufacturing of higher volumes using a contract manufacturing partner.
  • Design for Manufacturing support for high-volume assembly on SMT lines including optimization of component placement and selection,  minimization of part numbers, solder paste stencil analysis, leaded and no-lead applications.
  • Development of custom NI-based End-of-line test fixtures and software for validation of Electronics.

Modelling and Simulation

  • Generation of mathematical model describing physical system and simulating open-loop response within Matlab.
  • Design of closed-loop control systems, from simple PID loops to complex controllers using Kalman  filtering techniques.
  • Implementation and testing of control system within digital controllers (MCUs, DSPs, etc).
  • Development of Hardware-in-the-loop systems using a combination of custom and commercial hardware, along with corresponding modeling environment within Matlab or NI Labview.