C-SPAN: January 19, 2019
View From the States: Michigan & Driveless Cars
Michigan Mayor Bryan Barnett hosts a town hall discussion on autonomous vehicles, also known as driverless cars, at the Older Persons’ Commission center on November 5, 2018. The panel includes an AARP Senior Vice President and the CEO of a local tech company. Topics include the state of the technology, and the potential impact on infrastructure spending decisions, the job market and insurance rates.

Design News: October 12, 2018
Ride in an Autonomous Car at ESC Minneapolis
The systems that make up the self-driving vehicles were integrated into the car by VSI Labs’ engineers. The key system, Magney said, is a by-wire control system from robotics manufacturer Dataspeed Inc. That system serves as the backbone for such functions as steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and throttle-by-wire.

Forbes: August 22, 2018
Four Companies Selling Self-Driving Car Platforms Today, And One Coming
The ADAS kit from Dataspeed turns an off-the-lot Lincoln MKZ or Ford Fusion into a drive-by-wire vehicle. That means a computer can completely control the car. As the Dataspeed website highlights, the system can even be connected to a video game controller.

CBS Detroit: December 14, 2017
CBS 62 ‘Eye On The Future’ Special Reveals How Detroit Will Lead The Next Wave Of Auto Innovation
The industry has been expanding with a new culture on innovation, driven by a wave of new entrepreneurs along with vision from veterans in the automotive and technology industries. “Eye On The Future: Driving Innovation in Mobility” takes viewers on a ride through their world as these visionaries share what is currently in development and their insight into what’s ahead.

C&G News: August 8, 2017
LTU develops autonomous campus taxi
Dataspeed Inc., a Rochester Hills engineering firm specializing in mobile robotics and autonomous vehicle technology, converted the vehicle to an autonomous drive-by-wire system, Roush said.

CBS Detroit: July 17, 2017
Linda McMahon: From The World Of Wrestling To The White House
McMahon drives in an autonomous car for the first time along with Cain and Paul Fleck, founder and CEO of Dataspeed Inc., a Rochester Hills company that created technology on the car she rode in.

Autonomoblog: May 17, 2017
Michigan Based Company Building the Promised Autonomous Future
The Ford Fusion at AutoSens was equipped with Dataspeed’s Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) Kit. As the Fusion went around the track at the M1 Concourse, it smoothly and comfortably accelerated, while braking gently into the corners – it was completely seamless.

Crain’s Detroit: May 5, 2017
21 Southeast Michigan small businesses recognized as companies to watch in 2017
Dataspeed was recognized among more than 20 Southeast Michigan small businesses as part of the 2017 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch at the 13th Annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards dinner Thursday.

Patch: December 12, 2016
Rochester Hills Businesses Honored for Growth, Innovation
Dataspeed was the recipient of the State of Michigan’s Business Accelerator Fund Award and then later received a third place finish in the Amazon Picking Challenge. These successes led to Dataspeed securing a formal “home” in Rochester Hills.

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