Dataspeed is excited to be in attendance for the first time at Auto.AI San Francisco this year. Our very own, David Agnew, will be leading a discussion at the Icebreaker Event taking place on February 27th, 2019. The topic will revolve around the debatable question of: “How good of a driver are you?”.

It appears to be a simple question, yet it is one of the most difficult questions standing between today’s engineers and the goal of autonomous cars.  What does it actually mean to be a good driver?  How good is good enough?  It is an important societal question with strong safety implications with many stakeholders weighing in. Register for the event to chat with David and other industry experts about questions such as:

  • How will we know when an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) is as good as human drivers?
  • How good of a driver are you (objectively)?
  • When will AVs start saving the 40,000 lives lost annually in U.S.?
  • Company “X” will (self) drive you and a friend 2,000 miles for a road-trip vacation….any questions before jumping in? (what if it was a human driver? what if she was 16 years old?)
  • How rare are rare events (how often could someone be lying in front of a moving car)?

If you’re unable to partake in the Icebreaker Event, stop by Dataspeed’s booth in the exhibitor hall. Our friendly reps would be happy to chat about your autonomous vehicle inquiries.

To learn more about the Auto.AI event or to register, please visit

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