Following recommendations from local and national health agencies, our staff has moved to a remote work model, minimizing health risk while allowing us to continue to service our customers. Yesterday was the official day of our work from home initiative as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect the wellbeing of all Dataspeed employees. Now might seem like an unusual time to talk about being positive, but uplifting thoughts are crucial while coping in a crisis. With millions of people all over the world entering isolation to fight against the spread of COVID-19, the need for positivity becomes even more critical.

Self-isolating during this unfortunate pandemic isn’t and hasn’t been easy, but the Dataspeed team has found a major upside that made the working from home (WFH) transition easier – new “coworkers”, aka our pets! Studies have found that pets come with some powerful mental health benefits, and one of those is the immediate joy that is sparked from simply seeing a photo of an animal. With that being said, “working” with our new colleagues inspired the team to share some photos of them to simply remind one another of the good in the world during these strange times.

Whether they’re ignoring personal space, swimming, working hard or napping hard, they sure made us smile and we hope it did the same for you. It’s likely that this situation will continue to evolve in the coming weeks, but we take great comfort in knowing that in the midst of difficult times, we have the best opportunities to show up for each other in ways we never have before. All of us here at Dataspeed hope that in this time of social distancing, we can come together as a community to support one another through conversation and kindness.

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