Autonomous Vehicle Testing Panel

Automotive Testing Panel Discussion
Jeffrey Charles Photography, Inc.

Self-driving cars have flooded the media in recent years – and for good reason. This technology is on the forefront of every automotive company’s mind. However, how do we know when an autonomous vehicle is ready to be driven on public roads? What measure of testing needs to be done beforehand?

David Agnew discussing self-driving car testing
Jeffrey Charles Photography, Inc.

Dataspeed’s Vice President of Business Development, David Agnew, recently discussed the critical topic of, “How do we test the autonomous vehicle?”, on a panel at Automotive World’s M:bility Conference. He was joined by the below individuals:

The automotive-focused panel addressed the below questions that often arise in controversial public conversation. Their factual answers help shed light on some of the most safety-focused concerns.

  • What challenges exist in the testing and validation of autonomous vehicles and how can they be overcome?
  • What testing methods are currently being used and which are the best?
  • How does the approach to autonomous vehicle testing differ in North America, Europe and Asia?
  • Would more stringent regulation result in fewer accidents during the autonomous vehicle testing process?
  • Should autonomous vehicles be tested to perfection before being deployed on a large scale?

What is your opinion? Should there be stricter regulations in place on driverless car testing?

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