Jeff Blackburn, VP of Sales at Dataspeed, presented a live webinar as part of the IEEE Smart Cities Standards Webinar Series. IEEE Smart Cities brings together a broad array of technical societies and organizations to advance smart city technologies for the benefit of society and to set the global standard by serving as a neutral broker of information amongst industry, academic, and government stakeholders. Jeff’s topic, “Simulation and By-Wire Vehicle Testing for Comprehensive Validation” examined the necessity for testing autonomous functionality not only in simulation environments but also on real-world roads with by-wire vehicles.

The learning objectives for the webinar included the need for autonomous vehicle simulation testing, limitations of simulation testing, the benefits of real-world by-wire vehicle testing and the correlation of testing results and the key to accurate validation. Jeff touches on two types of testing that must be used in combination to validate autonomous vehicle (AV) software under development.

Jeff explains that simulation involves a simplification or approximation of the real world, in which physical testing using by-wire research platforms must also be performed to gain confidence in AV operation. Physical testing serves two purposes; real-world verification that our AV software is working as intended and a continuing check to ensure that all relevant aspects of the physical event being tested have not been missed, and that predicted simulation results remain credible. A combination of both forms of testing must be the industry’s guidance going forward when developing AV hardware and software.

View the full recorded webinar below.

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