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Emergency Stop and Control

Be responsible and stay safe while completing your autonomous vehicle research and testing. Dataspeed offers Emergency Stop (E-Stop) solutions which remove power from all Dataspeed Drive-by-Wire modules, as well as wireless control options.

E-Stop for Drive-by-Wire

The Emergency Stop button included in the Dataspeed By-Wire Kit immediately disables all autonomous inputs to the vehicle and reverts to manual driving. Overrides such as pressing the gas pedal, applying the brakes or grabbing the steering wheel are preferred methods to revert to manual control because of their seamless transitions. However, in the rare event that one of these methods fail, an E-stop button can remove power and force all modules back to manual control. A separate E-stop button that applies brakes is useful when there is an untrained driver or no occupant in the vehicle, but Dataspeed does not recommend testing a vehicle without a safety driver.

E-Stop button options:

Wireless E-Stop & Control

FORT’s Safe Remote Control (SRC) is an easy-to-use, handheld controller that is integrated seamlessly with Dataspeed technology. With the SRC, users can operate off-road vehicles from a distance, take temporary control of an autonomous robot when it’s in a jam, or control and command a smart machine.

FORT’s rugged remote control with integrated E-Stop button keeps you in control of machines and ensures maximum safety, reliability, and productivity.


Allows operators to work
from outside the cab at a
safe vantage point.

Enables autonomous harvesters
or other equipment to be
remotely stopped and
controlled in a safe way.

Use with mobile robots or
autonomous vehicles for
teaching and maintenance

Accelerate development
and testing with trusted
safety controls


Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Boost Productivity

Built for Safety

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