Vehicle Integrations

Dataspeed engineers and business consultants are highly skilled in the ever-growing autonomous space and can guide your team in developing an action plan for building your automated vehicle. Whether your team is just entering the field of autonomy or are experienced technology experts looking to expand a fleet, Dataspeed’s high-quality vehicle integrations can accelerate your project.

RADAR bumper bar

Integration Capabilities

  • Lidar
  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Instrumentation Mounting
  • GPS/GNSS/IMU Navigation
  • Sealed Cable Entry
  • Communication and Networking
  • Active Cooling Racks
  • Data Display and Visualization
  • Power Solutions
  • Software Solutions
Autonomous vehicle computer trunk storage

Sensor Mounting Options

Instrumentation Bars and Racks
Both off-the-shelf and custom bumper bars and roof racks are available for quick lidar, RADAR, and camera mounting. Bars can be modified to smoothly wrap around the vehicle and can be color-matched and powder coated.


Magnetic Lidar Mount
Simply install your compatible Lidar to the pre-drilled mounting bracket, slide over the (optional) shroud, and place on any magnetic metal surface.

sensor integration

Fully Integrated
Looking for a showroom-style vehicle? Our engineers are happy to discuss seamless integration options that include 3D CAD modeling and fabrication.

Autonomous Software Solutions





Dataspeed can engineer the complete autonomous solution for your AV project. Utilizing the requested or recommended suite of sensors and computing hardware, our team then develops highly-engineered software to achieve the required autonomous functionality.

  • Camera Intrinsic and Extrinsic Calibration: Estimating the distortion of the lens and calculating the mounting position relative to the vehicle
  • GPS Calibration: Measurement of offsets
  • LiDAR Calibration: Detect orientation of ground plane and use point cloud landmarks to calculate position and yaw angle relative to the vehicle
  • Object Detection and Avoidance
  • Breadcrumb Path Following

Cable & Storage Solutions

Computer and Instrumentation Storage
Trunk 80/20 mounting racks are built to conveniently store computers, Power Distribution Systems, and other hardware. Racks feature removable panels and optional fan-powered cooling systems. 

Cable Management
Partner with Dataspeed to design custom cables for your unique sensor suite. Not only do our engineering capabilities encompass design, but the fabrication and installation as well. Select between easy-access exterior routing or hidden wiring through the vehicle paneling.      

autonomous vehicle trunk storage

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