Our scope of engineering encompasses the project phases below:

Discovery Phase

Have you thought about how your product or service plays in the ever-growing AV space? Our experienced engineers and business consultants can guide your team in developing an action plan to enter into the field of autonomy. Having worked and partnered with hundreds of customers, our advanced team can pinpoint the technology and vehicle build needed to showcase your product.

System Integration Phase

Dataspeed engineers are skilled in full vehicle integrations including by-wire functionality, sensor suites, data acquisition, and communications devices, among other technologies. Our software engineering capabilities encompass everything from low-level microcontroller firmware to high-level intelligent algorithms. This includes embedded software design, development, and testing implemented in C and assembly language with real-time constraints. We create low-level drivers for many communication protocols including UART, LIN, I2C, SPI, CAN, USB and Ethernet-based devices. Additionally, we create high-level software within multiple environments including MATLAB, dSPACE, and ROS. We keep existing architecture in mind while developing the fully functioning test vehicle and never implement a system “hack.”

Fabrication and Prototype Phase

Your self-driving test vehicle should display the same polished, innovative appearance that your company embodies. Using 3D CAD modeling and simulation, we design and develop the complete mechanical package needed to support our electronic systems. Depending on the application, we use custom sheet-metal, welding, 3D printing, injection-molding or machined components. Every project is professionally fabricated and tested at our state-of-the-art Metro-Detroit facility. We may utilize our expert manufacturer partnerships and strategic suppliers should your project require a large fleet build.


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