Dataspeed’s Collaborative Mobility Base enables the robot to effortlessly travel. A Mecanum wheel system is equipped for any combination of translation and rotation. The mobility base can move forward, backward or sideways while independently controlling its rotation. The mobility base is able to travel on most flat surfaces like carpet, tile, cement, and asphalt. The compact base (32” by 31”) enables the robot to seamlessly move through office hallways and doorways. The ability of the collaborative mobility base to move in any direction or orient itself at any angle creates new opportunities to put this unique robot to use. Combining the mobility base with navigation sensors including 360 degrees 2D and 3D lidar, mono/stereo cameras, inertial measurement, and UWB-based radio ranging enables the robot to travel throughout your building, even venturing outside. The base includes a downward facing camera as well as inertial measurement, additional sensors can be mounted in the sensor pod beneath the robot’s base.

Mobility Base 1Features

  • Mecanum wheel system for maximum mobility.
  • 4-wheel independent suspension for maximum traction.
  • High-performance encoder/servo controllers precisely controlling velocity.
  • Sensor cage beneath mounting plate designed to accommodate a variety of sensors including 2D and 3D lidars, cameras, sonar, and radar.
  • 360-degree collision detection using bumper switches.
  • Embedded PC with solid state hard drive and Intel i5 processor.
  • Integrated 9 DOF IMU (3-axis rate, accel, magnetometer).
  • Downward facing camera for precision navigation using optical registration based on QR codes.
  • Docking port provides power to charge the onboard 24V battery system and wired ethernet connection for communicating with the building network.
  • Very low power sleep mode with auto-wakeup feature, ability to wake up based on alarm clock or motion sensed.
  • ROS Indigo operating system enabling tight integration with the collaborative robot mobility base.
  • Dimensions: 31” front to back, 32“ side to side and 24” bottom to top. (60.9“ top of the mobility base).
  • Weight: 220 pounds.
  • Top speed: 5 mph.


Potential Uses for the Collaborative Robot Mobility Base

Scan your store shelves and let you know what your physical inventory is, then help to restock the shelves.

Continually move within your building, performing security functions. The collaborative robot mobility base can also maneuver around vehicles, inspecting the inside and outside.

Bring line workers the material they need, when they need it, and then deliver the finished goods to the shipping department. Multiple  mobility bases can be teamed together to move heavy carts of material.

Place or retrieve materials at your warehouse using your existing rack systems.

Maneuver around your finished goods, performing a variety of inspections.

Come to your workspace, and you can use its monitor and camera as part of telepresence.

Be sent into buildings that may be harmful to people.

Perform cleaning tasks like washing windows or vacuuming the floors.

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