Official Distributor 

of Luminar’s Hydra

With camera-like resolution up to 200 points per square degree and high data fidelity, it reliably sees where objects are and what they are – even at long distances. Farther sight means enough time to react safely, even at highway speeds. Luminar’s lidar technology is designed for auto-grade, high-volume manufacturability.

Key Specifications

500m max range
● 250m at <10% reflectivity

High Data Fidelity
● 1 cm range precision
● High-precision reflectant

120° field of view
● 30° dynamic vertical field of view

Detection and Tracking
● Road and driveable freespace: 80m
● Lane markings: 150m
● Objects and vehicles: 250m

Camera-like resolution
● 200pts/sqdeg

● Dust & Water Ingress: IP67
● Vibration: SAE J1211
● Shock: IEC 60068-2 27 to 20g

Velocity Detection

Hydra can detect the velocity of an object in 3 dimensions to enable safe maneuvers. Whether it is a car changing lanes ahead or a child darting into the road, it knows how slow or fast it is moving to enable safe maneuvers.

Configurable Field Coverage

Software configurable scan settings enable you to focus on regions of interest – including an automated horizon tracker. Hydra’s precise angular resolution enables vertical and horizontal interlaced scanning – an economical solution to aggressive resolution and frame rate requirements.

Always Learning

Combined with ongoing software updates, Hydra becomes more capable. Keeping you at the cutting-edge throughout the entire testing and development process.


Hydra has undergone multiple stress tests from freezing to earth-shaking vibrations so that you can develop with confidence regardless of your environment. 

  • Laser: Single 1550nm fiber laser that enables long ranges with 1,000,000x pulse energy of 905nm while staying eye-safe
  • Scanner: 2 axis scanning mirrors with 120° x 30° FoV, scans only the laser rather than spinning the whole lidar device
  • Receiver: The most sensitive, highest dynamic range InGaAs detector in the world when paired with our receiver ASIC
  • Processing Electronics: An in-house custom mixed-signal ASIC

Hydra is the full tool set for accelerating test and development fleets of tens to hundreds towards series-production applications. It is configurable with one or multiple lidar sensors to enable autonomous driving from the highway to urban driving.

Rebuilt from the chip-level up, it meets the stringent performance requirements for safe autonomy.

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