The OS0 offers an ultra-wide 90º vertical field-of-view with an industry-leading combination of price, performance, reliability, size, weight, and power.

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See more with the OS0 digital lidar sensor’s 90º field of view and minimum range of zero. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments and a long lifetime. As the smallest high-performance lidar on the market, the OS0 can be easily integrated into autonomous vehicles, heavy machinery, robots, drones, and mapping solutions.

  • Fixed resolution per frame
  • Camera-grade ambient and intensity data
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk immunity
  • Industry-leading intrinsic calibration
  • Open source drivers

* Special pricing available for Non-Profit Organizations. Please contact our representatives for more details.

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Vertical Resolution

OS0-32, OS0-64, OS0-128


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