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Cepton LiDAR

PERFORMANCE: The Vista P60 LiDAR delivers 200 meters of range, 0.25 degree of horizontal & vertical resolution. The dense point cloud is generated at 312,000 points per second in single return mode.

SIZE: Without compromising performance or reliability, Vista-P60’s compact size and 10W power consumption allows for a seamless integration.

DESIGN: The Cepton patented MMT™ LiDAR architecture is free of rotational or frictional components. This makes the Vista-P60 LiDAR reliable and suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

Ouster LiDAR

ouster lidar

PERFORMANCE: With a 360 degree field of view, the OS1-64 LiDAR sees up to 120m in all directions. A single unit outputs rich point clouds for improved object detection, path planning, and localization. The unique data output of perfectly correlated 2D and 3D camera-like images advances machine learning algorithms and perception capabilities. 

SIZE: The small size of the OS1-64 allows for easy integration into vehicle facias, windshield, side mirrors, and headlight clusters.

DESIGN: The OS1-64 is intelligently designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments and is built for a long lifetime.

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