The Maintenance Subscription includes:

Hardware Replacement
Hardware, such as the electronic control units and other components included as part of the Drive-by-Wire Kit, will be unconditionally replaced if any defect is found. Not valid if the tamper proof seal is broken.

Technical Support
Telephone and email support for any issue that arises during installation or use of the By-Wire Kit. Such as:

  • Debugging issues
  • Analyzing logs
  • Clarification of documentation

Latest Software and Firmware Updates
Access to all the latest software and firmware releases of the By-Wire Kit, as they are made available.

The major new features below were available for download, for customers with an existing Maintenance Subscription:

  • 2020/02/14 – (All) Fixed ULC (speed control) incorrect reference acceleration/deceleration calculation under certain conditions
  • 2020/02/14 – (All) Fixed ULC (steering control) numerical precision of steering angle calculation from yaw rate and curvature inputs
  • 2020/02/14 – (All) Added enumeration for “unknown” for many signals
  • 2019/08/13 – Added odometer value and battery voltage
  • 2019/08/13 – Added ULC (speed control) to all remaining platforms
  • 2019/03/04 – Added parameter for lateral acceleration limit (m/s^2) to limit maximum steering wheel angle
  • 2019/03/04 – Added parameter to disable steering command ramp limit
  • 2018/12/10 – Added missing parameter GUI (DbwConfig.exe) and related documentation to release package
  • 2018/11/30 – Added Universal Lat/Lon Controller (ULC) for speed and steering control
  • 2018/11/30 – Added parameters to configure several drive-by-wire values
  • 2018/08/20 – Added new brake CMD_TYPE (TORQUE_RQ) for closed loop control of the brake torque request signal (BRKTRQR) from BrakeInfoReport
  • 2018/08/20 – Added embedded implementation of brake/throttle lookup tables (percent/torque) selectable with CMD_TYPE
  • 2018/01/30 – Added detection of power failure (FLTPWR bit) to prevent issues with power steering on some vehicles
  • 2017/08/21 – Added reporting of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • 2016/09/07 – Added DbwLogger application to gather log data to assist in troubleshooting
  • 2015/12/17 – Added IGNORE bit to optionally ignore driver overrides
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