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By-Wire Kit Maintenance Subscription

Companies worldwide trust Dataspeed’s safe and reliable autonomous vehicle solutions. Our team of engineers conduct a rigorous amount of research and evaluation prior to the build-out stage of products. Additionally, all Dataspeed By-Wire Kits are thoroughly tested before they are shipped, to ensure top-notch quality. While uncommon, electronic failures may occur as components age. The By-Wire Kit Maintenance Subscription includes technical support from Dataspeed engineers, hardware replacement, and firmware updates. Our dedicated team is ready to assist in diagnosing any issue that may arise, and we will fix or replace any failed By-Wire Kit hardware components.*

Technical Support

•  Phone and Email Support
•  Root Cause Analysis
•  Log File Analysis
•  Debugging Issues
•  Integration Recommendations
•  Documentation Clarification
  Initial Product Walk-through


Hardware Covered*

•  Modules
•  Wire harnesses
•  Switchboard Interface
•  Touchscreen Interface
•  Mounting Brackets
•  Connectors
•  Joystick Controller
•  Baseplate
•  Power Inverter

*Not valid if tamper-proof seal is broken.

Examples of Firmware Release Highlights

• 5/12/2023: Improved ULC performance when accelerating from a stop
• 5/12/2023: Fixed possible overflows in ULC Report signals
• 12/2/2022: Add ULC speed control option to specify acceleration target without velocity target
• 12/2/2022: Add ULC speed control COAST bit to decelerate without using brakes 
• 5/13/2022: Add option for external brake event to trigger brake override
• 5/13/2022: Add option for external brake event to trigger shift to park after vehicle stops
• 3/08/2022: Improved ULC speed control performance on both positive and negative inclines
• 9/21/2021: Added user manual activation of driver override alert
• 9/21/2021: Added option to select polarity of external brake digital input
• 5/13/2021: Changed driver override alert to have configurable duration
• 1/19/2021: Added time hysteresis on throttle analog voltage faults
• 1/19/2021: Changed the allow ignore parameter default value to false for brake/throttle/steering
• 8/17/2020: Added ULC (speed control) brake/throttle jerk limit parameters
• 8/17/2020: Added vehicle angular acceleration limit parameter to limit steering velocity
• 2/14/2020: Added enumeration for “unknown” for many signals
• 2/04/2020: Added control of side doors and rear liftgate for Pacifica
• 8/13/2019: Improved steering wheel angle control performance
• 3/04/2019: Added parameter for lateral acceleration limit (m/s^2) to limit max steering wheel angle
• 3/04/2019: Changed steering wheel velocity scale factor to support larger velocity

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