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Dataspeed keeps safety first and foremost in every phase of a project and in all product development. We collaborate with top OEMs, Tier 1s, automotive organizations, and certification partners to ensure our technology is outstandingly reliable and of highest quality. Our products are rigorously tested against thorough protocols before releasing to a customer or providing demonstrations at events. Our work is trusted by startups, Fortune 500 companies, researchers, and universities across the globe.

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Safety has always been a priority at Dataspeed. From the beginning, we have applied the best safety practices possible and we'll continue to do that. You can see it in our designs, from the system architecture to the components selected for our controllers.

By-Wire Safety Measures

Our team of engineers conduct a rigorous amount of research and testing prior to the buildout stage of products. We developed our Drive-by-Wire Kit controllers to interface with the vehicle in a way that does not compromise the vehicle’s already existing safety systems such as Anti-Lock Braking (ABS), traction control, stability control, and airbags. The user can feel confident that they are able to rely on the existing safety systems should the need arise. Whenever possible, we do not utilize additional mechanical actuators, but instead leverage the electromechanical capability of the vehicle’s existing actuators.

Additionally, when the Drive-By-Wire Kit is not in the active state, it is fully disconnected from the CAN bus. This ensures that complete OEM vehicle operations are the only controls enabled when the Drive-By-Wire Kit is not in use. Furthermore, all of our products undergo strenuous End of Line (EOL) testing, where we methodically test connections, features, and firmware to ensure a safe and reliable product.

Our People

Developing complete autonomous testing vehicles requires a comprehensive group of engineers, and the Dataspeed team possesses the interdisciplinary knowledge to do so. With years of research under our belt, combined with various fields of engineering concentrations such as mechanical, electrical, systems, and software, our engineers have the proven expertise for every phase of an AV project. Furthermore, they are led by an executive team with extensive OEM, Tier 1, Formula 1, simulation, and ADAS technology backgrounds at companies such as Ford Motor Company, Lear, Fiat Chrysler, and Continental Auto. They have direct experience in developing and deploying automotive safety systems into production and prototype autonomous vehicles for use on public roadways. Additionally, they have assisted state and federal government agencies in setting safety guidelines for testing autonomous vehicles on public roadways (including NHTSA, MDOT, CDMV, and TRB).

Methods We Use

We start with proven automotive methods for analysis and development of our products at both the product and system levels (DFMEA and SFMEA per AIAG guidelines). We also utilize and work with many other guidelines depending on our customer needs and operational domains such as NHTSA federal guidelines (for safe testing on US Roadways), ISO-26262 (for hazard analysis and overall system safety plan),  and SAE guidelines for safe on-road testing of automated systems (J3018).

We track customer feedback, as well as our own lessons learned, and implement field updates in a continuous effort to provide the safest systems possible. Our methodologies have been extensively reviewed by our customers and third parties, both domestically and internationally. These comprehensive reviews have led to our customers gaining permission to operate on public roads around the world, from California to Berlin.
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