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To a Complete Sensor Suite

Dozens of customers across the autonomous vehicle and ADAS industry have trusted the Dataspeed team to equip a variety of vehicles with perception, navigation, and data collection technology. Our strong partnerships with leading autonomous tech suppliers combined with our comprehensive engineering experience results in specialized, top-quality research and development platforms.

Dataspeed Mounted Sensors

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Sensor Integration Solutions

Instrumentation Bars and Racks
Both off-the-shelf and custom bumper bars and roof racks are available for quick lidar, RADAR, GPS antenna, ultrasonic, and camera mounting. Bumper bars can be modified to smoothly wrap around the vehicle and can be color-matched and powder coated. Tube frame roof racks with custom mounting brackets allow for easy adjustment and addition/removal of sensors.

Magnetic Lidar Mount
Simply install your compatible lidar to the pre-drilled mounting bracket, slide over the optional shroud, and place on any magnetic metal surface.

sensor integration

Fully Integrated
Looking for a showroom-style vehicle? Our engineers are happy to discuss seamless integration that includes 3D CAD modeling, rapid prototyping, and fabrication. Whether your team is utilizing the vehicle for demonstrations or technical development, Dataspeed engineers will wire all cables through secure entry systems to your designated power and computing platform.

Design & Planning

Dataspeed engineers can assist in conceptualizing optimal sensor placement to achieve maximum coverage, while still maintaining some flexibility in sensor mounting angles. Mockups can be constructed for visualization to best understand areas of vulnerability. Appropriate mounting structures will be considered for each component, and wiring will be designed to display a professional vehicle appearance.

autonomous vehicle trunk storage

Cable & Storage Solutions

Computer and Instrumentation Storage
Trunk 80/20 mounting racks are built to conveniently store computers, Power Distribution Systems, and other hardware. Racks feature removable panels and optional fan-powered cooling systems. 

Cable Management
Partner with Dataspeed to design custom cables for your unique sensor suite. Not only do our engineering capabilities encompass design, but the fabrication and installation as well. Select between easy-access exterior routing or hidden wiring through the vehicle paneling.      

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