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Dataspeed offers top-of-the-line power integrations to meet your unique autonomous research and development project needs.  Whether conducting research on the road or in the lab, our robust products offer market-leading flexibility, dedicated support, and utmost safety.

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intelligent Power Distribution System

The intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS) is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for powering instrumentation, computers, and sensors of a test vehicle. The iPDS features 12 automotive independent DC relay channels, two long-life cooling fans, as well as internal temperature sensors for channel temperature monitoring. The on-board computer controls the power sequencing and continuously monitors each of the 12 channels, reporting its electrical current and health status. The system is designed with commonly used communication interfaces to support drive-by-wire autonomous vehicle research, advanced driver assistance systems experimentation, and any automotive electronics testing.

System Details:

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Shore Power System

The Shore Power System allows all equipment that is being powered from Dataspeed’s iPDS to operate in a lab or garage setting. This solution allows the equipment in the vehicle to stay powered without having the engine running or draining the vehicle battery. Instead of power routing to the iPDS from the vehicle’s alternator, an inverter/charger is used to convert AC power from a wall outlet to 12V DC power for the iPDS. 

DC Power Conversion System

The DC-DC Power Upgrade kit safely converts high voltage DC power from the hybrid vehicle’s drive battery to 12V DC for sensors, compute units, and supporting electronics.

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