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Free Self-Driving Vehicle Rides

The Metro-Detroit community was able to experience several different types of automated vehicle feature demonstrations like stopping for a stop sign and obstacle avoidance on a half-mile course constructed by Dataspeed engineers. Participants also had the opportunity to be an “official backseat driver”. Meaning, they not only experienced the car driving itself, but they also had the ability to steer the vehicle from the backseat. With 1,000+ riders and almost 99 miles driven autonomously, we are thrilled to report that the entirety of SAE Demo Days was a huge success.

Mentioned as 1 of 4 companies selling self-driving car platforms, by Forbes

For companies or even hackers hoping to build a self-driving car, one of the first questions is, “Where do I get the vehicle?” Forbes highlighted four companies selling autonomous technology. Dataspeed Inc. is among two of the four, both as an independent engineering company and under our distributor, Autonomoustuff.
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