A Complete

Drive-by-Wire Solution

The Dataspeed By-Wire Kit is a complete hardware and software system that allows seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering, and shifting to enable testing for autonomous vehicle applications.

All kits are engineered and assembled in the United States to ensure thorough quality inspections. In addition, each module is constructed of proven, industrial-grade hardware.

The OEM vehicle controls are well understood, allowing the kit to seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s CAN buses and other electrical interfaces.

All production-level safety features remain intact and fully functioning. 

Our plug-and-play kits can be installed within a day, allowing your engineers to get up and running quickly on their algorithm, sensor, or data research.

What’s Included


Over 500 vehicles have been equipped with the Dataspeed By-Wire Kit.

Global Footprint

Dataspeed provides technology to autonomous vehicle companies worldwide.

Highly Skilled

Located in Metro-Detroit, Dataspeed engineers are well-versed in the automotive industry and have strong relationships with OEMs and Tier 1s.

Available DBW Platforms

Lincoln MKZ

Vehicle Type: Sedan
Model Years: 2017-2020
Required Features: Hybrid


Ford Fusion/Mondeo

Vehicle Type: Sedan
Model Years: 2017-2020*
Required Features: Hybrid

Ford Mach E Dataspeed Logo

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Vehicle Type: Crossover
Model Years: 2021-2023

Ford Edge

Vehicle Type: SUV
Model Years: 2019-2022
Required Features:
Adaptive Cruise Control


Chrysler Pacifica

Vehicle Type: Minivan
Model Years: 2017-2022
Required Features:
Parallel & Perpendicular Park Assist

Ford E-Transit

Vehicle Type: Cargo Van
Model Years: 2023


Ford F-150

Vehicle Type: Pickup
Model Years: 2021- 2023
Required Features:
Adaptive Cruise Control
Console Mounted Shifter**


Ford Ranger

Vehicle Type: Pickup
Model Years: 2019-2021
Required Features:
Console Mounted Shifter**

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Vehicle Type: SUV
Model Years: 2018-2021
Required Features:
Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop
Parallel & Perpendicular Park Assist

Drive-By-Wire equipped Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Aviator

Vehicle Type: SUV
Model Years: 2020-2022
Required Features:
Adaptive Cruise Control
Active Park Assist



Vehicle Type: Neighborhood
Model Years: 2016-2023
Required Features:
Tilt Steering with EPS


Polaris Ranger

Vehicle Type: UTV
Model Years: 2023
Required Features:
Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Polaris RZR Trails+Rocks

Polaris RZR

Vehicle Type: UTV
Model Years: 2020-2023
Required Features:
Electronic Power Steering (EPS)


Custom Project

Interested in a platform we don’t have readily available?
Contact us today to speak about a custom platform.


* The Ford Mondeo platform does not support shift-by-wire.
** Shift-by-wire not available for column mounted shifter.

Easy Override

Intuitive driver override by pressing the brake, throttle, shifting or turning the steering wheel

E-Stop Button available

Engineer working on dataspeed platform

Maintenance & Installation

Dataspeed technician installation or provided installation training for your team

Recommended Maintenance Subscription available

Dataspeed Joystick Demo

Control Support

Supports ROS nodes to control system from a provided computer

Signal pass-through on power off

Engineer working of algorithm development

The Dataspeed By-Wire Kit is ideal for:

Our team of knowledgeable engineers and autonomous business consultants are happy to discuss which vehicle platform best suits your needs.

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