Project Goals

A leader in technology reached out to Dataspeed to inquire about an autonomous capable vehicle that is integrated with a suite of cameras for customer demonstrations. This customer currently owns a Lincoln MKZ integrated with Dataspeed’s Drive-by-Wire kit, but a 2022 Lincoln Aviator was the optimal platform for this new project.

Dataspeed Integrations

The Aviator was integrated with Dataspeed’s Drive-by-Wire kit, a complete hardware and software system that allows seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering, and shifting which enables testing for autonomous vehicle applications. The customer’s requirements included incorporating a status indicator into the Drive-by-Wire hardware. Dataspeed’s intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS) is also integrated into this vehicle’s instrumentation rack. The iPDS is designed with commonly used communication interfaces and is capable of powering instrumentation, computers, and sensors of a test vehicle. The iPDS touchscreen display is conveniently located in the front cupholder for easy manipulation of the integrated technology.

Our customer supplied us with the cameras for the install and Dataspeed engineers stylized camera coverings that would assist with the flow of four cameras onto the vehicle body to ensure a sleek and seamless finish. The front and rear windshields were professionally replaced with new glass without coating, tints, heating elements, or borders and the factory sensors located behind the front windshield were swapped with new cameras. Another camera is in the rear windshield, and it was strategically positioned so that the wiper can clean the area where it is located.

The trunk of the vehicle stores the iPDS and shore power system. Upon customer request, Dataspeed engineers were able to create access to an AC plug underneath the bumper fascia of the vehicle.

Looking Ahead

Our customer has additionally requested that Dataspeed replicate this vehicle for use in multiple continents. Our engineers have designed installation jigs to ensure that all cameras are in the same place with future vehicles to ensure repeatability. With all these new integrations in tow, we wish our customer the best of luck with their future customer demonstrations!


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