Dataspeed Kinetic Kits have arrived, and they feature top-of-the-line autonomous vehicle sensor integrations, including the option to add a FORT Robotics Remote System. The Kinetic Kits were developed to streamline the AV hardware and software selection process to allow teams to focus their efforts on their own research and testing. Every component was hand-selected by the experienced Dataspeed engineering team based on extensive industry knowledge and experience. Kinetic Kits are available in three packages:

The Kinetic Starter Kit outfits production vehicles with the fundamental technologies to begin collecting data and developing essential autonomous functionality. It’s ideal for universities and startup teams just beginning research and testing.

The Kinetic Intermediate Kit retrofits production vehicles with a sensor suite needed to successfully record and playback a manually driven route or to follow waypoint inputs. Additionally, it has the capability to detect and stop for objects. It’s ideal for teams looking to test within predetermined areas or for performing technology demonstrations.

The Kinetic Advanced Kit provides out-of-the-box automated highway driving functionality including Lane Keeping, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Automated Lane Change. This package is utilized with a full suite of sensors to allow engineering teams to build upon their autonomous research and testing.

What is the FORT Safe Remote Control?

FORT’s Safe Remote Control is a medium to long-range wireless controller designed from the ground up to enable the safe operation of remote and autonomous systems. Users are given the power to operate and control their vehicle from a safe distance using a wireless remote control with integrated E-Stop button. If an unsafe situation occurs, a push of the emergency stop button electrically removes power to the Dataspeed Drive-by-Wire Kit throttle to prevent propulsion, and a simple turn of the button resumes normal operations.

Why should you include the FORT Safe Remote Control in your Kinetic Kit package?

With a heightened focus on safety, the FORT Safe Remote Control gives users peace of mind when developing and testing autonomous vehicles. The E-Stop button uses two-way monitoring to ensure that the remote control and receiver are in constant contact which in turn ensures the operator’s safety. The lightweight remote comes pre-programmed to save on setup time and can be used to operate and control the drive-by-wire systems remotely. With a recognizable design and easy to handle functionality, the FORT Safe Remote Control System takes the complicated steps out of additional safety and places the control directly in the hands of the operator.

Benefits of the FORT Safe Remote Control

Integrating the FORT Safe Remote Control with Dataspeed Kinetic Kits can help increase safe vehicle control and direction, reduce the risk of accidents and damage, and improve visibility. The Safe Remote Control allows for ease of use and a very small learning curve to reduce training time. Alongside the two-way monitoring system, the remote also has a drop and idle detection feature that will safely bring the vehicle to a full stop if the remote control is dropped or abandoned while in use. Overall, the FORT Robotics Remote system offers third-party redundant safety that increases reliability and reduces risk of injury.

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