A leading electronics manufacturer reached out to Dataspeed to outfit a vehicle with Dataspeed’s Drive-by-Wire kit, intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS), and additional provided hardware. Their desired by-wire platform for this project was the robust 2021 Ford F-150. The customer’s end goal was to produce a vehicle for automated/assisted parking demonstrations.

Customer Requirements

Dataspeed’s team of engineers worked closely with our customer to successfully place a suite of hardware and equipment beneath the vehicle’s rear seats, where it could be easily accessible while being hidden during demonstrations. Our customer provided a number of development and preproduction ECUs, data converters, processors, and a PC to be integrated into the vehicle. Dataspeed engineers connected everything to meet their specifications. All devices requiring power are connected to the iPDS, and voltage converters are used where needed.

On the exterior, custom bumper bars were placed in the front and rear of the vehicle. These bumper bars were powder coated jet-black to complement the navy blue color of the vehicle. Hardware attached to the bumper bars include a radar for factory adaptive cruise control and ultrasonic sensors. Dataspeed engineers created custom brackets with pitch angle adjustment for the ultrasonic sensors. Additionally, four custom surround view cameras were placed on the grille, beneath the sideview mirrors, and on the trunk of the F-150 for optimum visuals. The cameras were modeled in CAD to demonstrate the projected field of view and determine the desired mounting orientation.

Final Delivery

Our customer is extremely pleased with the result of this heavy hardware-equipped vehicle, and they are eager to begin their parking demonstrations for their customers.


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