Arizona State University (ASU) recently procured a Dataspeed Kinetic Intermediate Kit for autonomous research and development. The chosen vehicle platform was a Ford Mustang Mach-E decked out with Dataspeed’s Drive-by-Wire kit, intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS), sensor suite, and autonomous software. Dataspeed had the pleasure of hosting the ASU team for in-person training and the opportunity to discuss their experience working with the Dataspeed team. 

My name is Junfeng Zhao and I am an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University.

My lab at ASU is called Battery ELectric and Intelligent Vehicle (BELIV) Lab. We focus on research areas such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and smart mobility. The vehicle platform we had Dataspeed develop for us is an autonomous research platform on top of an EV production vehicle that will enable us to do research in multiple areas.

We have several directions, AV, EV, so that’s why we tried to find a company that could do the vehicle platform (vehicle build) on top of an EV platform. I found that Dataspeed is the only vendor that can provide that service. I’m glad I chose Dataspeed, they did a very good job, and were very professional, had good customer service, and have good technical support.

It was very straightforward and easy for me, especially because Dataspeed helped procure the vehicle locally. This was very convenient because back then there was low inventory for vehicles on the market and they were able to help me go to the dealership and secure the vehicle very quickly. The whole process was very straightforward.

ASU Mach-E

It was very helpful, it gave me a much better perspective and insight about how the Drive-by-Wire system works and they pointed out the safety articles for us. I think there is a lot to digest, but I think the on-site training definitely boosted this process for us to quickly learn about the system. This was very helpful.

I think in the long run, it definitely will help reshape the society and how mobility looks like. Currently, we are involved in projects sponsored by Arizona State Agency to help develop the safety, evaluation, and regulation perspective for ADAS and AV technologies. We hope this platform can help us accelerate that process and really contribute to the future mobility technology development.

I would definitely recommend Dataspeed to my colleagues and researchers who want to have similar capabilities and platforms and I look forward to future collaborations with Dataspeed.


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