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OxTS Inertial Navigation Systems

Space constraints shouldn’t limit your ability to capture high-accuracy measurements. The OEM1000 offers a simple, effective solution for product innovations which require high-performance INS capabilities but are limited by space constraints. 

Accurate readings in all environments

Featuring a combination of GNSS receivers and MEMS IMU, you will always receive accurate readings—whether the product is being used in tunnels, bridges, or obstructed environments with poor satellite visibility. Dual GNSS receivers enable accurate and stable heading even when stationary. The blended INS measurements provide a comprehensive list of measurements including position, velocity, acceleration, and orientation.

With the OEM1000, OxTS has designed a compact, lightweight INS solution that can easily integrate into a wide range of products, including low profile environments such as robot platforms.


Choose from a wide range of features including functionalities exclusive to OxTS:

Miniature in size but powerful in performance. The OEM1000 is the ideal economical solution for integrating high-performance GNSS and INS functionality into your products. Capture and deliver accurate and reliable data to your customers, whatever the application.

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