The Power Distribution System (PDS) is a flexible and easy-to-use solution to powering the subsystems of a test vehicle.

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The PDS supports 12 independent DC relay channels. The onboard computer continuously monitors each channel, reporting its electrical current and health status. Diagnostic software also checks for open and short circuit conditions. Action is taken to protect the channel if a fault occurs. To supply controlled power, all that is needed is a car battery and ignition line. A power startup or shutdown sequence can be easily programmed. A mechanical power on/off switch is no longer required, as the PDS does this electronically. The system features commonly used communication interfaces to support drive-by-wire autonomous vehicle research, advanced driver assistance systems experimentation and any automotive electronics testing.

  • 12 channels at 15A each
  • Programmable startup and shutdown scripts
  • Over-current feedback and diagnostics
  • CAN, Ethernet, and USB communication
  • Connect two units together for 24 channels

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Touchscreen, Switchboard for MKZ, Switchboard for Fusion, Switchboard for Pacifica


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