Automated with Velodyne Partner

and Official Integrator

Velodyne Lidar provides smart, powerful lidar solutions for autonomous vehicles, driver assistance, delivery solutions, robotics, navigation, mapping, and more. As a market leader, Velodyne has served more than 300 customers including nearly all of the leading global automotive original equipment manufacturers.

Patented Surround View Technology

Velodyne Lidars are built on Velodyne’s ‘558 patent, provides a full 360-degree environmental view to deliver accurate real-time 3D data.

Smart, Powerful Lidar Solution

Lidars optimized for usage across a variety of applications including automotive mapping, robotics, security, smart cities, and more.

Sensor Integrations

Highly skilled Dataspeed engineers can integrate Velodyne Lidars onto your research and development vehicle to accelerate your project. 

Magnetic Lidar Mount

The Dataspeed Magnetic Lidar Mount is the quickest way to mount your lidar while maintaining a professional look on your research and development vehicle.

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