A leader in AI technology contacted Dataspeed with the intent to use Dataspeed’s autonomous Drive By-Wire kit and intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS) with a custom high-output shore power system. Their goal was to outfit a vehicle with autonomous capabilities to demonstrate their own software and technology to various potential customers and high-level executive leads.

Customer Requirements

This customer requested a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee as the project platform, along with several other requirements for Dataspeed’s talented engineering team to tackle. The first of which was a large custom enclosure decked out with a 3,000-Watt battery inverter/charger and instrumentation rack to accommodate their ruggedized PC. A high-output alternator was needed to support the 3000-Watt shore power system, and a robust integration with custom cables, charging receptacles, and output interfaces were included. The enclosure also features insulated sound dampening and integrated fans for active cooling. The next requirement was a tailored roof structure with flexible dovetail mounting interfaces for the company’s cameras, and a modular cable entry system to route the camera connections from the roof into the vehicle. 

Dataspeed Integrations

Dataspeed used their wealth of knowledge and engineering expertise to create a seamless integration of autonomous technology to meet the customer’s needs. This included custom front and rear bumper bars to mount Delphi and SmartMicro radars. In addition to the camera’s specified by the customer, the flexible roof rack can accommodate various sensors including lidar and GPS antennas. A custom cable entry system was also outfitted into the vehicle for the customer to easily route the camera cables to the rear enclosure. These mounting fixtures may be powder coated to any color to match the vehicle’s exterior and present a package that is almost indistinguishable from another car on the road.

Final Delivery

This AI developer is now equipped with a seamlessly integrated Jeep Grand Cherokee that is ready to impress clients and demonstrate their own technology with the assistance of Dataspeed’s Drive By-Wire kit, iPDS, and mechanical and electrical integration.


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