The second generation Ouster OS1 offers a market-leading combination of price, performance, reliability, and SWAP.  With a 360 degree field of view, the OS1 lidar sees up to 120m in all directions.

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A single unit outputs rich point clouds for improved object detection, path planning, and localization. The unique data output of perfectly correlated 2D and 3D camera-like images advances machine learning algorithms and perception capabilities. The new generation of OS1 sensors has an expanded 45º field of view, improving spatial awareness and localization for autonomous applications. The dynamic range of intensity and ambient data is 10x more granular, allowing the sensor to pick up on more detail and improve object identification. The small size of the OS1 allows for easy integration into vehicle facias, windshield, side mirrors, and headlight clusters. The OS1 is intelligently designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments and is built for a long lifetime.

• Fixed resolution per frame operating mode
• Camera-grade ambient and intensity data
• Multi-sensor crosstalk immunity
• Industry-leading intrinsic calibration
• Open source drivers

* Special pricing available for Non-Profit Organizations

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Vertical Resolution

OS1-16 (Gen 1), OS1-32, OS1-64, OS1-128


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