The OS2 offers a market leading combination of range, price, performance, reliability and SWAP. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all weather environments. As the smallest long-range high-resolution lidar on the market, the OS2 can be directly integrated into vehicle facias, windshield, side mirrors, and headlight clusters.



The 240m range allows you to see farther and react faster – ideal for highway speed driving. Tight beam spacing and high beam density delivers clear 3D images for perception and localization. The OS2 has on-the-fly programming of frame rate and horizontal resolution. Additionally, it features industry-leading intrinsic calibration; no recalibration needed. It is designed to withstand the stress of real-world shock, vibration, and ingress. IP68 and IP69K rated.

• Fixed resolution per frame operating mode
• Camera-grade ambient and intensity data
• Multi-sensor crosstalk immunity
• Industry-leading intrinsic calibration
• Open source drivers

* Special pricing available for Non-Profit Organizations


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