Dataspeed’s Drive-by-Wire (DBW) Kit is an innovative and versatile research and development platform that offers unparalleled compatibility with autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies. With an extensive range of use-cases, this technology is suitable for a wide range of industries, including academia, government & defense, research institutions, startups, and more. The DBW platform offers endless possibilities for the development and testing of AV technologies. Whether you are a professor, a government agency, or a software developer, our DBW kit has the potential to transform the way you approach autonomous vehicle development.

Junfeng Zhao, Assistant Professor at ASU, expands upon the university’s DBW use-case.

University Research and Development

Dataspeed’s autonomous vehicle technology helps educators and students explore new frontiers in transportation and mobility.

Arizona State University (ASU) recently procured a Dataspeed Kinetic Intermediate Kit to conduct research for autonomous vehicle safety evaluation. Junfeng Zhao, an ASU Assistant Professor, is leading the project and is looking for test scenarios that AVs will have to maneuver to verify their functionality and safety.¹ Their autonomous capable Ford Mustang Mach-E was decked out with Dataspeed’s DBW kit, intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS), sensor suite, and autonomous software. The electric platform offers the ASU team a unique opportunity to gather valuable research across a multitude of areas. 

Virginia Tech was interested in building up a project vehicle for connected autonomy research. The main objective was to implement the CARMA platform developed by the Federal Highway Administration into the vehicle. Their Ford Fusion was integrated with our DBW kit, iPDS, and suite of sensors. The integrated roof rack ensures that future sensor expansion is easy if their team decides to add more cameras.

The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign’s (UIUC) project goal was to enhance the safety of the roadway system by integrating cooperative automated vehicles (CAVs) into the nation’s transportation system. To successfully carry out this project, UIUC acquired three Chrysler Pacificas and one Jeep Grand Cherokee. This vehicle fleet was equipped with Dataspeed DBW kits and full sensor suites. Additionally, an instrumentation rack was installed in the trunk of each vehicle, which included our iPDS, a computing unit, and a shore power system with a secondary battery.

Off-Road Projects

Dataspeed’s technology is being used in off-road applications, where it can help improve safety and efficiency in challenging terrain.

Safe AI contacted Dataspeed because they needed to retrofit a Ford F-150 for research and development to test AI perception and algorithms for their larger vehicles which would broaden their offering to the mining and construction industry.

military customer’s goal was to create a fleet of autonomous Ford F-150s. Dataspeed created the foundation for the autonomous fleet so that the customer could add additional technology and sensors afterwards. A custom mechanical cable was designed and fabricated by Dataspeed engineers to integrate the shift-by-wire actuator inside the vehicle cabin, keeping it away from rocks or debris the vehicle may be subject to in off-road testing. 

Our engineers proceeded with more custom work on these F-150s, including a 12,000-pound winch with a custom electronic remote, a custom mounting system, and a custom e-stop module. These enhancements are a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized solutions that meet our customers needs.

Additionally, Dataspeed’s Polaris RZR platform is perfect for military unmanned ground vehicle testing, rough terrain surveying, inclement weather testing, autonomous construction, mining, and hazardous work conditions. Our DBW kit is constructed of proven industrial-grade hardware built to withstand complex terrain and unpredictable environments. The RZR platform features a durable IP55 rated enclosure to store electronics such as computers, ethernet switches, or voltage regulators to protect from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.

Technology Demonstration Vehicles

Our DBW kit is a popular choice for technology demonstrations. Our engineers can integrate vehicles with a customer’s product or software, which leads to an engaging, informative, and enjoyable experience to the public. Whether it is at a trade show, conference, or other event, the DBW kit is a powerful tool for demonstrating innovative possibilities of autonomous vehicles.

Autobrains reached out to Dataspeed because they wanted to create an AV capable demonstration vehicle that showcased their self-learning AI for CES 2023. The Ford Escape procured for this vehicle was integrated with our DBW kit, iPDS, and data visualization displays for passenger viewing.

Adir Lev, Tal Glantz, and Sophia Eichler of Autobrains discuss their
AV capable demo vehicle with Dataspeed.

Another leader in technology was interested in a showroom-style vehicle with a Lincoln Aviator DBW platform, which was integrated with the customer’s own suite of cameras for their customer demonstrations. The customer supplied us with the cameras for the install and Dataspeed engineers stylized camera coverings that would assist with the flow of four cameras onto the vehicle body to ensure a sleek and seamless finish. Upon customer request, Dataspeed engineers were able to create access to an AC plug underneath the bumper fascia of the vehicle.

What Sets Dataspeed Apart From the Rest?

With the influx of driverless technology providers over recent years, it can be overwhelming for teams to navigate the seemingly endless options. Dataspeed offers Kinetic Kits that were developed to streamline the AV hardware and software selection process to allow teams to focus their efforts on their own research and testing.

Every component was hand-selected by the experienced Dataspeed engineering team based on extensive industry knowledge and experience. Included software functionality was developed in-house to allow for project adaptability and expandability. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you kickstart your project vehicle. Get in touch with us today and let’s turn your dream project into a reality.


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